Agriculture is one of the oldest industry in the world that has witnessed innumerable transformation in its practices and techniques. With the changing and evolving dimension of the industry the strategy of marketing has also undergone a massive change. Digital farming employs multiple channels to drive traffic and make the sale, both online and offline. To stay relevant in today’s business landscape a strategic agriculture marketing is required that include the tools of Email, SEO, PPC and many more.


Social Media for Agriculture Companies

Agriculture companies supplying the agricultural products directly to the public and B2B companies also benefit from social media channels. This creates a brand identity and reach to massive audience at once. Digital solutions improves the agent productivity, product sales, and farmer crop yield. Rudra universe digitech integrates and processes data from multiple sources into a single hub via a handheld / smartphone application. Social media platforms function very well as channels for customer service.


Some more effective digital marketing strategies include

  • A good SEO that puts your company on the first page of the search engines
  • Social media, email blasts, and PPC campaigns can be used to fill offline events, promote your brick-and-mortar locations and expand upon your offline messaging and branding.
  • Using multiple social platforms to create a strong brand and channels for customer service.
  • Employing email news letter to nurture leads and educate the existing customers about your brand.